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Second phase of Think Bike campaign implemented
2009/04/17 01:57:02 PM | Cape Town

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First Africa Signs

first-africa-signsThink Bike Donation boxes

It is with heartfelt thanks that we offer our sincere appreciation for the contribution of First Africa Signs to furthering the goals of the Think Bike Safety and Awareness Campaign.

20 Donation boxes were manufactured by First Africa Signs to aid the campaign in gathering funds to replenish bumper stickers distributed by the campaign

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Western Cape - Think Bike in the Media

 The Executive Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, Cllr Grant Haskin announced the next phase of the Think Bike Road Safety Awareness Campaign on Friday, 17 April 2009.

The campaign is intended to help educate people about these issues, without pointing fingers or accusing anyone of negligence; at educating the biking and cycling community about safety issues, encouraging them to use highly visible and protective clothing and to ride responsibly.

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Die Burger - 21 April 2009



Citibike -Your safety, your responsibility

Who causes bike accidents? Is it the bikers or the other road users?

The answer to this question differs depending on who you ask. A landmark study in 1981, undertaken by Prof. Harry Hurt of the University of South California, concluded that two-thirds of multi-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles were caused by the other vehicle violating the bike’s right of way. On the other hand the government of Queensland, Australia, found that in 83% of fatal accidents in Queensland in 2006, the biker was at fault. The jury, it seems, is still out.

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