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Western Cape - Think Bike in the Media

 The Executive Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, Cllr Grant Haskin announced the next phase of the Think Bike Road Safety Awareness Campaign on Friday, 17 April 2009.

The campaign is intended to help educate people about these issues, without pointing fingers or accusing anyone of negligence; at educating the biking and cycling community about safety issues, encouraging them to use highly visible and protective clothing and to ride responsibly.



(from L to R: Elton Davids - Vice-Chair - Pedal Power Association, Jeremy Rochefort - Chairperson - Think Bike Western Cape, Karin Pohl - General Manager - Pedal Power Association, Cllr Grant Haskin - Executive Deputy Mayor - Cape Town

“The awareness campaign goes a long way to promoting cycling as a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly form of public transport, where cyclists should not fear for the personal safety. The Think Bike bumper stickers are highly visible and mobile reminders to all road users to be aware of two-wheeled ‘drivers’, whether bicycles, scooters or motorbikes, therefore the silhouette of a cyclist and motorbike .” said Haskin.

The City Of Cape Town, in conjunction with the relevant industry role players and the NPO Think Bike, will make the sticker available to the public that wish to be part of the Campaign. Members of the public can soon collect a free sticker at cycle shops, motorbike outlets and dealerships. The Public would be asked at these venues to make a donation, if at all possible, to enable the purchase of more stickers.