Frequently Asked Questions about the Think Bike Campaign

Who works at Think Bike?

Think Bike is a purely volunteer run organisation, with no employees or salaried staff. All areas of the campaign are run by dedicated individuals who give freely of their time to make this campaign a success.

Where are the Think Bike offices situated?

As Think Bike is a volunteer run organisation, all the work gets done as and when the volunteers are able to do it from which ever location they are in around the country.

Where is the Think Bike Shop?

There is no physical shop and all branded merchandising can be purchased from the Think Bike Online Shop.

Where can I buy Think Bike Stickers?

Stickers, and other branded goods can be purchased via the ease of your computer through the Think Bike Online Shop

Is Think Bike a Policing Forum / Complaints Commission?

While Think Bike often receives emails of complaint regarding unsafe riding & driving habits of road users, we are not in a position to do more than thank the writer for raising their comments and concerns.

Reckless driving or riding should be reported to Report Bad Driving