Think Bike South Africa

What is Think Bike all about?

Think Bike is a campaign to drive safety and awareness in road users of the following 4 aspects:

  • Encourage all road users to be on the lookout for two-wheel road users
  • Educate all motorcyclists and cyclists about safe and responsible road usage
  • Inform first-time riders about the importance of proper riding skills training and defensive riding techniques
  • Motivate all bikers and cyclists to wear the correct protective gear

The brand “Think Bike” is a registered trademark, and a Board of Directors is in place as custodians of this brand.

As a registered NPC (Not for Profit Company), the Board of Directors can raise funds towards the campaign by selling memberships and appealing for donations – these funds are used to print stickers and flyers as well as maintain the company administration.

All other initiatives undertaken under the Think Bike brand are run by volunteers and are guided by the Board of Directors.