What is Think Bike all about?

Think Bike consists of two destinct entities and are operated by seperate management teams under the same umbrella.

The Think Bike Campaign, through membership and merchandise, drives safety and awareness among all road users on the following 4 aspects:

  • Encourage all road users to be on the lookout for motorcycles
  • Educate all motorcyclists on the safe and responsible operation of motorcycles
  • Encourage all riders on the importance of proper training and defensive riding techniques
  • Motivate all riders to wear proper riding gear at all times

We raise funds towards the campaign by selling branded merchandise, memberships and appealing for donations – these funds are used to print stickers and flyers as well as maintain the company administration.

Formed back in 2006, the Think Bike Marshals is a group of highly qualified and experienced riders who serve to protect road athletic and cycle events, including motorcycle mass rides. These Marshals are all volunteers who have joined for a variety of personal reasons – the most common that too many people (particularly cyclists and motorcyclists) die on our roads daily. This belief is usually supported by the desire to "put something back into" motorcycling and road safety.

Take Note:

  1. The Campaign (Membership, Shop, Website, Social Media) is owned by the Motorcycle Safety Institute of S.A.
  2. The brand identity is managed by Hein Jonker Media House
  3. The Marshalling division is operated and managed, as an independent entity, by a group of highly qualified and experienced volunteers.


In a joint venture with M.S.I.




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