The Think Bike Campaign is funded solely through the generosity of sponsors, donations, the sale of branded merchandise items and membership. Offering membership plays a critical part in raising awareness of the campaign in the biking and wider community and provides Think Bike with a much-needed income to be able to print safety information pamphlets, banners and stickers.

By joining the campaign as a Member, not only do you contribute funding to Safety and Awareness campaigns in South Africa, but you also become eligible to enjoy several other benefits that are offered exclusively to Think Bike members.

How much is Membership?

The Membership Fee is payable annually.

  • New: R250
  • Renew: R200

Do members also have to be volunteers?

Apart from contributing funding that we hope will ultimately lead towards creating a safer riding environment, there is no other time or effort required from your side.

Is membership only open to SA ID holders?

Yes, all South African citizens are welcome to join the campaign.

Why do I need to complete all the details?

Please provide as much information as possible in the personal details fields as we use this information when we print your membership card. If you have no medical conditions and are not taking any medication, no allergies, please indicate this by completing the fields with “None”.

How do I make payment?

Once you have completed and submitted your registration, an automated email will provide you with payment instructions.

What do I get for my membership fee?

  • Membership Card
    Each member receives a membership card that has been personalised with the member’s name, membership number & expiry date, medical information (as may be required for use by medical professionals in the case of an emergency) as well as ICE (in case of emergency) contact details.
  • Discounts
    Various dealers and retail outlets around the country offer paid-up Think Bike Members discounts on various products and services. These discounts can only be obtained on the presentation of a valid Think Bike membership card.


What happens after I fill in the Online Form?

Upon completion of your Membership form, a system-generated email will immediately be sent to the email address you have provided on your form. This email will contain a copy of the details you have provided, please check that the details contained in the email are correct. Should there be any updates or changes required, please notify us within 24 hours as these details are used to print your membership card. If you do not receive your welcome email, please contact Administration.

Your membership will be activated when we receive your proof of payment. Once payment is made please email your proof of payment to Administration.

How do I get my Membership Pack?

Your new membership card will be prepared once we have received confirmation of your payment. Membership Packs are sent off, with DSV Couriers, in bulk at the end of each month. That said, a daytime street address is required for your Membership Pack to be delivered. Kindly ensure someone is at this address to take delivery.

A tracking number will be sent to you for tracking your parcel.

Lost or stolen Membership Cards can be replaced at a cost of R50 + Shipping (R60) by contacting Administration.

Is membership in the campaign the same as being a registered user on the Think Bike Forums?

No, while the Marshal Forum is a communication platform for Think Bike Marshals, you are not required to be a Forum user, nor are Forum users required to be members. The Campaign Forum has become obsolete and was terminated.